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About The Author Larry Brian Radka


Larry Brian Radka wrote three extremely valuable and now out-of-print books:  Historical Evidence For Unicorns, Astronomical Revelations or 666, and The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting.


His Website is also dedicated to passing on rare information freely.

Larry Brian Radka was born in Monongah, West Virginia on an astrological cusp on October 23, 1943.  After being inducted into the National Honor Society in his Junior year, he graduated as Class Salutatorian from Monongah High School in 1961, attended Fairmont State College (a university now) for two years and then served honorably with a Top Secret-Crypto clearance in the Army Security Agency for four years as an Electronic Warfare Operator and then in the Air Force Communication Service as a Radio Relay Equipment Repairman for four more years.  During his Army and Air Force multi-year tours in West Germany, he learned much from his travels in Europe, which helped to inspire him eventually to write and self-publish three books.  While overseas he also studied French as well as learned German from the Germans while living on the economy and serving at  a border outpost and later at a German air field with his German wife Brigitte.  While there and long afterwards, Larry also studied in or took courses from the Universities of Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Delaware, and he was finally awarded Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of the State of New York.   All this valuable experience and learning eventually helped to inspire him to think seriously about writing.


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After earning a diploma "With Distinction" in Broadcast Engineering from Cleveland Institute of Electronics after finally returning to the United States (in December of 1971) from the last of  his two military tours in West Germany, he passed all the necessary federal examinations in theory and Morse code and proudly possesses an FCC First Class Radiotelephone License (now a lifetime General Class License) and an FCC Advanced Amateur Radio License (KB3ZU).  This Broadcast Engineer worked for nearly forty years in Radio and Television as well as in the Two-Way Radio and Paging fields in the United States.   He was also employed by RCA for repairing powerful Tropospheric Scatter transmitters on the DEW Line (Defense Early Warning system) in Thule, Greenland and he was later the Chief Engineer at several continental U.S. radio stations in Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Maryland and Delaware as well as at four radio stations in Puerto Rico.  These accomplishments and technical experiences further added to his qualifications and desire to write something special.

But he knew more tools were needed to prepare.  So before retiring from the commercial workforce in 2005, Larry economically collected thousands of rare non-fiction volumes from computer-saving and inventory-clearing libraries across the United States.  His travels and electronic background and experience along with his exposure to some of the rare information in these various collected encyclopedias, history books, bibles and religious commentaries as well as the numerous NASA astronomical publications have allowed him to pass on confidently the rare and hidden truth, as he found it, in his three self-published books for the uninformed public finally also to discover.

In April of 2006, he finished his third book entitled: "The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting."  Previously, he wrote "Historical Evidence For Unicorns" in 1995 and "Astronomical Revelations or 666" in 1997.  The photograph of the diploma above helps to attest to why Larry was qualified to write his third book, and the screen shot below attests to its value on Amazon.

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