ABOUT  666

For perhaps the first time in history somebody has tried to scientifically decipher several chapters of the mysterious Book of Revelation and the meaning of the enigmatic Number of the Beast or 666 in author Larry Brian Radka's Astronomical Revelations or 666.

Revelation has been described as "a book that either found a man mad or left him so," but Historical Evidence for Unicorns author Larry Brian Radka has brought some sanity back into St. John's vision.

I "loved it!" exclaimed David Hatcher Childress, the popular author of the Lost Cities Series and Lost Science Series.  "This is one of the best books I have ever read on this subject," wrote Reverend Kenneth Janicki, Editor of Spiritual Realities.  "It is easy to read, full of FACTS, FACTS, FACTS!"

In 15 chapters with 336 pages of text, photos, maps, and illustrations, Radka's incredible amount of research covers ancient religions, comet-catastrophes, historical accounts of interplanetary warfare, the Battle of Armageddon; and identifies "Zion," the "Great Red Dragon," and the "Bright and Morning Star" and ties them to the enigmatic number of the Beast, 666.

Besides generating a textbook of asteroids and comets, Radka has produced a documented source book on ancient and modern astronomy as well as a cosmographical encyclopedia that explains in careful detail how our inner terrestrial solar system violently came about in accordance with science and the Bible!

"What he did for the Unicorn in Historical Evidence For Unicorns," maintains Astrologer Joseph Polansky, the Editor of Diamond Fire Magazine, "he now does for comets."

"ASTRONOMICAL REVELATIONS OR 666 is a well researched study of Asteroids and Comets, seeking to embody the wisdom of the Bible with the discoveries of the present," wrote Erika Ebach, the Editor of Destiny Magazine.  "It is truly the most remarkable book I have read in years.  It is fascinating and realistic."