What is the Number of Genius Albert Einstein's
 The Bible (Rev. 13:17) speaks of "the number of his name" which suggests that everybody's name has a number.  After speaking of "GRACE," this long excerpt from  Astronomical Revelations or 666 gives us enough related information to decipher the number and importance of the name "Albert Einstein":
Speaking of GRACE leads us to the mystic number 153, the number which designates those with whom Jesus Christ is sharing His gift--at least according to the numerical analysis of Saint Augustine.  However, before getting to him, we want to report that an author on biblical numbers, E. W. Bullinger [a direct descendant of John H. Bullinger, the great Swiss reformer], in writing about 153, maintains:

This is the number which has taxed the ingenuity of some of the greatest Bible students, and that from the earliest times.  All have felt there must be something deeply significant and mysterious in this number, from the solemn way in which it is introduced in John xxi. 11,--"Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land full of great fishes, one hundred and fifty and three."

Other miracles are parables in their lessons, and Augustine has pointed out [in Tractates on the Gospel according to St. John, cxii.] the comparison and contrast between the two miraculous draughts of fishes, one at the beginning and the other at the end of Christ's ministry (after his resurrection).  He and other commentators see in this number some connection with the saved, as being definite and particular down even t0 the last one, making up not a large round number, but a smaller and odd number, 153.  They saw in this a proof of the fact that the number of the elect* is fixed and pre-ordained.

Bullinger went on to report on St. Agustine's and his own detailed mathematical analysis and further conclusions about 153 (also printed in Astronomical Revelations of 666 in 1997) before adding:  "We may condense all this by calling 153, THE NUMBER OF THE SONS OF GOD!"

"As another of God's saints points out," says Evangelist Ed F. Vallowe, "this number 153 is 17 multiplied by 9.    In his Biblical Mathematics, he says 17 means "VICTORY."  "Now NINE is the number of  THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, and so this number 153 signified the VICTORY brought about IN BEARING THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT in our lives.

"Before touching on any more information on numerical values and meanings of letters and numbers in the Bible, as is thoroughly brought forth in chapter 13 (titled "The Number of the Beast--666") in Astronomical Revelations or 666,  we should first have the important word "GEMATRIA" defined.  Larry Brian Radka's book says:

Gematria is defined in various ways.  In his work entitled Number in Scripture,the previously quoted nineteenth-century theologian and author E. W. Bullinger simply defines Gematria merely as"the use of the letters of the alphabet instead of figures."  This reflects the meaning for its practical use in arithmetic, but it also has a more mystical use and meaning.   The Encyclopedia Britannica calls it "a mystic system of scriptural interpretation, consisting in the substitution of, or finding of one word in another, the letters of which have the same numerical value."  William T. Smith (Op. cit.  p. 2162) says it is "the use of the letters of a word so as by means of their combined numerical value to express a name, or witty association of ideas."  John J. Davis's  Biblical Numerology lists it as a "system of interpretation which seeks to discover the hidden sense of the Hebrew and Greek text through the numerical values of the letters of the alphabet."  So we see that Gematria has both a practical and mystical religious use.

Commenting on what may be the oldest form of Greek Gematria, The Encyclopedia Britannica says that "another way of using the alphabet depended on the fixed order of its letters.  The simplest application of this principle is to use consecutive letters for consecutive numbers.  Thus, the letters of the Ionic alphabet stood for the numbers 1 to 24, as we still see in the letters attached to the books of the Illiad."

Such ancient numbers (previously denoted by alphabetical letters like Roman numerals I, V, X, etc.) have been translated into the Arabic numerals of the text in modern bibles.  No doubt, the ancient alphabetical letters used for numbers certainly would not be widely read, understood, and accepted today if they had been transmitted to our bibles in the original ancient Hebrew and Greek characters.   And since English is the language almost universally read, studied, and used among scholars and laymen alike in the world today, its alphabet and order of 26 letters would certainly seem to be the appropriate vehicle to be used for understanding those ancient numerical messages and meanings in our modern world.

So, if we assign consecutive numerals for the English alphabet, beginning with 1  for A and ending with 26 for Z, we can find some interesting totals for various biblical words.  For example, the word GOD, or 7 + 15 + 4 = 26, the total number of letters in the English alphabet; and the ancient spelling of Jesus, or IESOUS,  (9 + 5 + 19 + 15 + 21 + 19) adds up to 11 times His sacred number 8 (meaning a "new beginning" according to Bullinger) or 88--double 1's and double 8's, perhaps meaning a "new beginning" for the second time when He returns.
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Above we see a chart with the arrangement of letters and their numbers in the English Gematria, which serves as a quick reference to figure out the numerical value of someone's name.
An example of one of the Elect or Sons of God—whose name adds up to 153—is Albert Einstein:  A = 1, l = 12, b = 2, e = 5,  r = 18, t = 20 for a total of 58 and E = 5, i = 9, n = 14, s = 19, t = 20, e = 5, i = 9,  n = 14 for a total of 95 and a grand total of both names equals 153.  According to the collected papers of Albert Einstein, Box 224, on file at Princeton University, Einstein had no middle name. And his birth certificate shows none either!

Albert Einstein was born in Germany and raised up to learn the German alphabet, which, like the English alphabet, has the same basic 26 letters arranged in the same order; so he could have easily figured out that his two names added up to 153--before the Genius even learned English!
Most full names don't add up to 153, "the number of the Elect,"  "the number of the sons of God," or the number signifying "victory in bearing the fruit of the spirit."

Does your full name add up to 153 also?  If your name doesn't, you might find some other mystic number beside 153 in the Holy Bible that might define you or point out your purpose here.  Or, you might have a good friend whose full name adds up to 153.  If so, you might want to tweet him or her with the good news, or make the contact on Facebook.
"Election does not mean that God has chosen some to be saved and others to be lost.  The Scriptures clearly teach that all men are lost.  ‘For there is no difference:  for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.’  Rom. 3:22-23.," wrote Rev. Clarence in his famous work titled Rightly Dividing the Word.  "Election simply means that God for some purpose best known to Him, and for which He can justify Himself, has chosen certain ones to be saved."

Among many scriptures he quotes to support his statements above, Clarence includes Rom. 9:18: "Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor?" and 2 Tim. 1:9:  "Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world was."
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