What is the Best Known Passage in the Bible printed below in English NOW
as the Jews would have written it in Hebrew THEN?
ANCIEN HEB THEN_edited.jpg
Ancient Hebrew characters are comparable to the ancient Phoenician characters, with no vowel points, and no word spaces from the Moabite Stone dating back to around 800 B.C. above in the "ANCIENT HEBREW THEN" illustration.
The modern Hebrew characters below have added Medieval rabbinical vowel points beneath the words to show the Dark-Age rabbis' best guesses at their original sounds and possible meanings.
ANC HEBREW NOW_edited_edited_edited_edit
If you cannot decipher the various English characters with no word spaces typed near the top of this page, click the Bible-searcher below to find out the best known passage in the Bible.  Look in that page's "NOTES" for the solution.
bible ani large.gif