A Variety of Themes for Outdoor Man Cave Signs 

Photographs of Larry Brian Radka's outdoor man-caves on both sides of Oak Street in Parkersburg, West Virginia are presented above and below.  The themes for most of his outdoor signs often connect in some way to his work in Astronomical Revelations or 666.  He posted the rest for political purposes, public learning or for just pure entertainment.
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Much more information applicable to the above signs can be found in Astronomical Revelations or 666, a well documented and researched work by Larry Brian Radka. "ASTRONOMICAL REVELATIONS OR 666 is a well researched study of Asteroids and Comets, seeking to embody the wisdom of the Bible with the discoveries of the present," wrote Erika Ebach, the Editor of Destiny Magazine.  "It is truly the most remarkable book I have read in years.  It is fascinating and realistic."
(Following each sign or set of outdoor man-cave signs below is a short comment and/or excerpt from a review of the subject matter with often an embedded link in one or more of the images that can provide much more applicable information.)
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Verse 10 on this displayed outdoor sign, in the original old English Black-Letter text of the King James Bible, is boldly advertised for all to see and is also proclaimed on the last page of the first book that Larry Brian Radka wrote:  Historical Evidence For Unicorns.
“In a clear, scholarly and methodical way our author proceeds to prove his case...a very convincing case,” maintained the editor and publisher of Diamond Fire magazine.  “History and Bible students should put this on their reading list.”
In a letter from Indiana, received by Larry Brian Radka on May 8, 1996 in Delaware, concerning Historical Evidence for Unicorns, Margaret K. Alvarez wrote:
"Dear Mr. Larry B. Radka

     "Since I was a small child, I have been intrigued by the beauty of Unicorns.  My personnel collection contains figurines that range between small things I have picked up at the Dollar Store to a hand chiseled piece made from crystal with a 14k horn.  So as you can see, I have a wide variety.

     "As I got older, my thirst for knowledge about the real unicorns grew.  I had once read that a Unicorn was the result of a horse and a goat mating.  As you can see, other books have been misleading.

     "Now I'm not sure if you ever intend to publish anything more on the subject of Unicorns, but if you do, let me know, and I will be one of the first in line to purchase a copy.  I also have every intention of purchasing a copy in hard cover when I have the money.

     "Your book was worth every penny that was paid for it.  I would also like to thank you for authographing the book for me.  I was glad to find out there was a more Christian way to the Unicorn than other things I have read.

     "Thank you again, and May God bless you always.

                                                         "Margaret  K. Alvarez

"p.s. Please let me know of anything you may publish in the future, anything at all.  On any subject."
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Larry posted photographs of the signs above for political purposes, public learning and/or for just pure entertainment.  Those two signs enlarged and stitched together are for your convenience in reading the text, although the photograph of all the signs above them probably has enough resolution to read them adequately as well as the other signs if it is enlarged.
LOT B.jpg
Many of these signs, especially those enlarged above, show that Parkersburg, West Virginia has numerous worthwhile sites for visitors as well as residents to take the time to visit.  They won't disappoint!
People may question the presence of the signs with the huge number 8's in the photo above.  For more information on that mysterious number 888, click the photograph which announces them.  Chapter 13 of Astronomical Revelations or 666 will eventually thoroughly explain the importance of 888.
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Above we see a few more of Larry's outdoor aluminum man cave signs, and in the photo immediately above we get a better view of the intense interest that local residents show in the Civil War re-enactment at our city park.  These pictures, like most on this page, were designed, photographed, purchased, and installed by Larry alone for all of you folks to enjoy, like his three books, for free.
TEA TOP ROW 1332.gif
FR CRP (2).jpg
Between the two closeup animations above stands an overall view of the Tea Party signs in Larry's Outdoor Man Cave in his lot at 1317 Oak Street.  He personally attended several of the Parkersburg Tea Party rallies where he took these photographs and many more not shown.  The last one on the far right in the bottom row is of Larry Brain Radka, taken by someone else.
Among all the drug warnings in the outdoor man cave signs at the beginning of the animation above, we see several references to the mystic number 666 and what it means.  Larry Brian Radka explained these meanings in much more detail in Chapter 13 of Astronomical Revelations or 666.  Below are a few comments by Joseph Polansky, the Editor of Diamond Fire Magazine, about the quality of the material in that rare volume:
"Traditionally, the Book of Revelation has been the doorway to the study of the occult sciences and for the deeper aspects of meta-physics.  Deep occult and metaphysical truths are buried there.  But our Author used it as a doorway to the Physical Sciences--to Astronomy and Cosmology.  His interpretation is unique, original, and very educational.

"By his rendition, Revelation is not just a story of future prophecy--the end times etc.--but of many things that have already happened.  The Dragons and other creatures mentioned in the Scripture are comets and meteors (the heavenly warriors) that have wrought havoc and destruction upon the earth.  Zion was an actual planet that existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and which was destroyed by a comet (dragon).  Her remains became Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Earth--as well as the asteroid belt and other celestial debris.

"But 666 is much more than just an interpretation of Scripture.  It is a scientific treatise, meticulously documented and researched.  A source book on comets, meteors, asteroids and celestial phenomena.  He shows how many of the natural disasters that affected the planet--the Flood, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the sinking of Atlantis etc.--were actually caused by cometic collisions with earth.  Many things in the Bible attributed to "Acts of God"--Heavenly Retribution--did in fact come from the "heavens"--in the form of comets and meteors."
Z A.jpg
Above we see a lamp post in a section of Larry's open-air outdoor man cave in front of his modest home on Oak Street in Parkersburg, West Virginia.   The six signs posted on it are associated in some way with Larry Brian Radka's extremely rare work titled The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting, and the animation immediately above displays enlargements of the signs so viewers can more easily read their material. 
The bottom sign demonstrates the values placed on the only three volumes available on the 4th of December, 2016 at Amazon book sales.  Two out of three of the volumes were gone (the least and most expensive) shortly thereafter.
Commenting on The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting, Frank Joseph, Editor-in-Chief of Ancient American Magazine said it was "One of the most thought-provoking reads I've had in a long time."

“Mr. Radka has shown with great clarity that out ancestors possessed advanced technologies,” wrote Robert Stanley, the Editor of Unicus magazine.  “This is no longer a matter of conjecture, it is an indisputable fact.  Therefore, the historical information contained in The Electric Mirror should be taught in classrooms around the world.  It is a powerful legacy left to us by our ancestors and should not be ignored.”